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JB Power Wash offers fence pressure washing services. Most fences are located right off the back of the house and when left unclean, they become a main source for dirt and grime, not to mention they turn gray in color. Regular cleaning will eliminate this problem and not only make the fence more enjoyable to look at but it will add curb appeal to your home if you’re trying to sell it. Call JB Power Wash, we are the experts at pressure washing fences.

Wood Fence Washing

Fence Pressure Washing

Plastic PVC Fence Washing

Plastic fencing looks beautiful when it is clean. Mold and mildew can turn white surfaces green fast. We treat your fence like it belongs to us. We pretreat it with a mold killing detergent and then soft rinse it. The results are amazing and your fence will look like new again. If you wash your outdoor surfaces on an annual basis, it will keep it’s value and increase the curb appeal of your house overall.

Aluminum Fence Washing

Aluminum Fence Washing is like any other only much more difficult. We wash it the same way as PVC. We remove the mold and mildew to restore the original look of the fence without the green or black mold and mildew growing on it. A gentle rinse will keep the painted surface looking new. A strong mold killing soap will prevent the mold and mildew from returning as fast as cleaning with water alone. Washing without killing the mold spores will only “relocate the mold” but killing it and the rinsing it away will assure a longer lasting clean for your money spent washing it.

Other Pressure Washing Services we Offer

Deck Washing

Driveway Washing 

House Washing

Patio Washing

Patio Furniture Washing

Playground Washing

Pool Deck Washing

Sidewalk Washing


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