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Pressure Washing Truck of JB Power Wash in Franklin, TNPressure washing, soft washing, and home exterior cleaning is the key to complying with your homeowner’s association or when selling your house because it will help your property look amazing. We cater to homeowners, multi-unit apartments, and small commercial businesses. Also, our cleaning estimates are free. Our certified technicians are happy to meet you for those hard to explain projects. Call now and let us help. We have been in the cleaning industry since 2012 because we love seeing the results of our work and the smile on our customers face.

Because education, strategic marketing and total commitment to customer service is key to success. As a result, JB Power Wash became the premiere company for middle Tennessee. So, restore the beauty of your home exterior by hiring JB Power Wash to remove the dirt, dead bugs, spider webs, mold, and mildew. You will fall in love with your house all over again.



House Soft Washing Experts

Soft Washing With Detergents That Do All The Cleaning


JB Power Wash Truck, House Washing ServicesSoft washing houses is a new term that most people are not familiar with. Traditionally in the past, house washing was done with high pressure to blast away the dirt. Today we do things a lot different, for example, we use detergents that do the cleaning for us. This detergent has mold killing agents and surfactants to suspend the molecules that cause the dirt and bacteria to release from the surface it is clinging to.

Our professional high volume washers rinse up to 10 times more than the average rental machines used by landscapers and handyman services. We combine hose reels and filters to a trailer mounted system that produces the best quality service and more importantly, results.



Driveway Washing In The Twenty-First Century

Exterior Cleaning Concrete With Professional Results


Driveway Pressure Washing ServicesDriveway washing in the last thing most people think about when they need exterior cleaning and pressure washing services. But when you are transforming your home into your own personal space, it can not be left out. Driveway washing gives your home a huge curb appeal that will attract buyers if you are selling or it will add value and beauty to the neighborhood. We treat the concrete with

Driveway washing gives your home a huge curb appeal that will attract buyers if you are selling or it will add value and beauty to the neighborhood. We treat the concrete with mold killing detergents that remove the bacteria and mildew that causes the typical black streaks that are often visible in a driveway. Our driveway cleaning process involves using a professional surface scrubber that eliminates the lines caused by using a pressure washing wand. What about oil stains? Unfortunately, oil seeps into the pores of the concrete and will leave a permanent stain regardless of the detergents or force of water that is used to attempt the removal. Cat litter is the best solution when you first see the problem. Crush it into the oil and it will wick it up from the concrete and help considerably. The stain, however, is permanent.



Exterior Cleaning For Outdoor Entertaining

Prevent Mold From Being Tracked Into The House With Patio Washing


Patio Pressure Washing Services By JB Power WashPatio washing can be the most important part of the house washing process. At JB Power Wash we include patio washing as an FREE add-on service with your house wash. Because mold and mildew cultivate on damp and shaded areas, it is very important to keep it clean on a regular basis. Patio washing will prevent the mold spores from being tracked into the house from the bottom of your shoes.

Mold Allergy is a real thing and those people who suffer from it have itchy eyes, upper respiratory problems, and cold-like symptoms. Those include feeling tired, or thinking it’s only pollen allergies. The best way to stay healthy is to keep your outdoor surfaces clean. Patio washing is the best answer to solving this problem of mold spores being tracked into your home.



Washing Warriors Program™

Discounted Services To Military, First Responders, Schools And Churches


Washing For Warriors - TN The Pressure Washing For Warriors™  program brings low-cost pressure washing services for disabled veterans in middle Tennessee. All retired military personnel benefit from our program. Recieve ultra-low price points on your basic services like house washing, driveway washing, and patio washing services.

We offer discounted pressure washing services for all senior citizens over 65 years old. Includes first responders like police, fire, and paramedics. Schools and churches will benefit from our discounted services. If your organization would like a free estimate, give JB a call.



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Tennessee Pressure Washing AssociationCertified by the TPWA, Tennessee Pressure Washing Association. Contributing member of the UAMCC, United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners. Certified by the Middle Tennessee Pressure Washing Association.

Continuing education is key to providing the best in quality performance and practicing safe procedures at other people’s property. Licensed and Insured with Workmans Compensation. Peace of mind with professional results guaranteed. Call JB Power Wash today for a free quote for your low pressure, soft pressure washing needs.



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Free Patio Or Sidewalk Washing With House Soft Washing Purchase


Pressure washing coupons for $375.00Visit our coupons page and find the deal that matches the size of your house by calculating the square footage as it is reported on sites like Trulia, Zillow, and Google. Our exterior cleaning prices start at $150.00 and our house soft washing service includes a free patio or sidewalk washing. Go to our website sitemap to find a list of all pages if you are having trouble finding things here. Looking for a job? Our employment opportunities are on the employment page. For news and articles about things related to our services, visit the Blog page. Real facts and for your information is written on our blog for all to discover.